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Trustee Korey Henderson
The idea of Township Government is as old as the United States- a grassroots form of government where citizen officials contribute to maintain community values and goals.
The typical township size- 6 mile square- was defined by the Land Act of 1796. This also established a method of dividing each township into sections of 1 square (640 acres), and still farther divided in quarters (80 acres) and half quarters (40 acres). This numbering system is still used today, and can be seen when looking at a property deed.
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established a governor and three judges to rule a territory, with creating township and county government their first responsibility.
Today there are 1008 townships in the 92 counties of Indiana, and each is governed by an elected township trustee and township board.


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Trustee Korey D. Henderson
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