Trustee Korey Henderson


The reason that this NO COST service is not being provided to those Tipton City residents is because of taxing issues.  City residents do not pay a tax to fund the Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department but only to fund the Tipton City Fire Department.  Residents of the un-incorrporated area of Cicero Township do pay a tax for fire service for the Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department.

No cost ambulance service is provided for those citizens that meet the following;


Cicero Township Trustee Office

  • To take advantage of this service you must call the Cicero Township Volunteer Fire Department directly: 765-675-8004.
  • A fireman will answer the phone, you will need to provide what the medical issue is as well as the address for the ambulance.
  • If the fireman determines that the medical issues is beyond B.L.S. and is in need of A.L.S. (Advanced Life Saving) service, the caller will be transferred to the Tipton County Communications Center.

  1. Person must be a resident of Cicero Township (not residing within Tipton City limits)
  2. Must only be needing B.L.S. (basic life saving) service.
  3. Only wanting to be transported to I.U. Tipton Hospital.